AI Batch Process Files to CSV

Posted Sep 29, 2023

So many files, so little time. It's something we hear a lot at Docalysis. Wouldn't it be great if there was a way to extract answers from your files and output to a CSV? Without having to do it all manually?

Thanks to Docalysis AI, there is! We've built a tool that can extract answers from your files and output them to a CSV. This tool can run over thousands of files, saving you hours of manual work.

To get started, you'll need to sign up for a free account at our sign up page. Once you've signed up, upload a file and ask it a question. It will respond with the answer, as a chatbot.

This isn't a CSV, yet. However, figuring out what questions you want to ask is extremely important, because it will determine the quality of the responses in your CSV. Be sure to phrase it in a way that will get you the answer you want. You might consider adding to the prompt with instructions such as "Just write one word: yes or no" or "Do not list page numbers" if those are the sorts of things you want.

Once you've explored Docalysis, make sure to contact us at our batch processing page so that we can help you run this batch processing job. We'll want to see a few sample files and the questions you want to ask, so that we can make sure that the results are what you want. Once we've confirmed that, we'll run the job and send you the CSV.

That's it! Pretty great, right? We're free to try, so give it a shot at

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